Can you go fishing in lockdown?

10 November 2020, 16:43 | Updated: 4 January 2021, 21:20

Rules around fishing in lockdown are revealed
Rules around fishing during England's lockdown are revealed. Picture: Getty

Angling Trust explains the new fishing rules in lakes, the sea and canals during England’s third coronavirus lockdown.

Boris Johnson confirmed a third lockdown for England lasting until at least the middle of February, with many rules and restrictions being put in place - but can you still go fishing?

With many outdoor activities, including golf, being banned under the coronavirus lockdown rules, many have been asking what the rules are around fishing in lakes, the sea and canals during this lockdown.

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So can you still go fishing during the Covid-19 lockdown? What are the rules around the activity? And where are you allowed to go fishing? Here’s what you need to know:

Fishing in England is allowed during the coronavirus lockdown
Fishing in England is allowed during the coronavirus lockdown. Picture: PA

Can I go fishing during lockdown?

Unlike many other outdoor sports and exercises, fishing has been deemed as an acceptable form of outdoor entertainment during England’s second lockdown.

According to Angling Trust, fishing is a “lawful excuse” to leave your home during the new restrictions - these have also been confirmed by ministers and in subsequent government guidance.

What are the rules around fishing in lockdown?

Despite the fact you’re allowed to go fishing, there are of course, some rules and limitations around the outdoor activity.

You are only allowed to go fishing with members of your household, someone in your support bubble or with one other individual. There are no limitations on the amount of time you’re allowed to fish either.

Any type of match fishing or events are banned under the government guidelines against gatherings.

Fishing is allowed in lockdown but rules and regulations must be followed
Fishing is allowed in lockdown but rules and regulations must be followed. Picture: PA

Where am I allowed to go fishing?

As stated by Angling Trust, fishing is still allowed in the sea, freshwaters and in outdoor public places which can include parks, beaches and in public gardens and grounds.

Fisheries are not included in the list of businesses that have to close either so are fine to use as long as all Covid rules are followed. Any indoor facilities on site must operate a click and collect system.

Long journeys to fishing spots are allowed but should be a avoided “wherever possible”.