London's Car Free Day: Which Roads Are Closed And When Is It? Everything You Need To Know

20 September 2019, 13:35 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:53

Car Free Day is this Sunday 22nd September
Car Free Day is this Sunday 22nd September. Picture: PA

London is having its largest ever Car Free Day on Sunday 22nd September and here’s everything you need to know.

What’s the aim?

The event is a bid to raise awareness of the impact car pollution has on the city. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said he wants everyone to “reimagine” London as a car-free space in the hope to encourage more people to walk or cycle.

Is the whole city affected?

The car ban will be enforced between between 10.30am and 5pm. T

Twenty kilometres of road will be closed in central London around London Bridge, Tower of London and the City of London. There will be some bus routes running from a few areas including London Bridge to Bishopsgate.

18 boroughs have also pledged to close their streets on Sunday to turn them into “Play Streets”, which will be devoted to community events. Some boroughs are hosting their own parties and others are providing funding for the residents to do so.

Transport for London highlights the areas that will be car free
Transport for London highlights the areas that will be car free. Picture: TfL

What will happen on the Play Streets?

There will free activities and entertainment on the car-free roads including:
- live entertainment including roaming performers
- fitness activities including e-bikes and spinning, a BMX and skate ramp
- children’s activities including arts and crafts, a storytelling stage, a themed sports day and pop-up playgrounds
- walking tours and treasure hunts around the City of London and Southwark.

The aim of the campaign “Reimagine” is to “allow children to play and communities to get together.”

How many people will take part?

The Mayor of London hopes around 150,000 will join in with the day’s activities.

Sadiq Khan said a large turn-out “will help encourage the change in behaviour needed to meet the Mayor’s ambitious target of 80 per cent of all journeys to be taken via sustainable modes of transport by 2041, compared to 63 per cent today”.

Over 50% of London’s toxic pollution is due to vehicles, research shows
Over 50% of London’s toxic pollution is due to vehicles, research shows. Picture: PA

Why should we change our travel behaviour?

Government statistics show over 2 million Londoners live in areas with illegal air pollution levels, including more than 400,000 children.

The day will also help to raise awareness about toxic air. Research shows that over 50% of London’s toxic pollution is due to vehicles, yet a recent TfL survey found that almost half of Londoners did not realise vehicles were the primary cause.

The mayor has repeatedly warned of the dangers of air pollution, calling it “one of the biggest health emergencies of our generation”.