Audi Driver Leaps Onto A Car Bonnet And Smashes Windscreen In Road Rage Attack

13 May 2019, 19:17

An Audi driver jumped onto a car bonnet and smashed the windscreen with his feet in a road rage attack caught on camera.

The shocking footage was shared on Facebook over the weekend and is understood to have happened in Rochdale.

The uploader claims there was a child in the victim’s car.

The road-rage attack was caught on camera
The road-rage attack was caught on camera. Picture: Jam Press

Video from inside the vehicle shows a man wearing a cap leaving his white Audi A3 and running on to the car behind.

He jumps onto the windshield, smashing it with a single stamp.

The man then gets back into his car as he appears to swear at the occupants.

A woman, who claimed to have been in the attacked car, said: “He took offence to me filming his dangerous driving is what happened, and my baby grandson was in that car!”