Andrew Castle Gets Into A Heated Debate Over Brexit And Immigration

10 February 2018, 09:25

After a difficult week of Brexit negotiations, Andrew asked whether all the cards are in favour of the EU when it came to Brexit.

Andrew Castle spoke to Chris from Richmond who said the "government should never have triggered article 50 until it knew exactly what its position was going to be." 

He continued that "article 50 was specifically designed to put the EU" in a better position than the country wishing to leave. 

Chris criticised the government saying that the government has knowingly put the UK in a weakened position in the negotiations. 

Andrew Castle on LBC
Andrew Castle on LBC. Picture: LBC

Andrew asked whether Chris wished the EU had spoken earlier about the trade. He replied that "David Davis signed up to the rules" of negotiation "at the very beginning" and had to work within those rules. 

Andrew and Chris got onto the issue of controlled immigration, with Andrew asking whether Chris believed in controlled immigration and whether we can sustain current migration standards. Andrew said that whilst he accepted that "immigration was on people's mind when they voted" but insisted that the UK "needed immigration, we have a shortage of public sector workers" and the UK needed immigrants to fill those roles. 

Andrew finished the conversation by highlighting that more EU nurses came into the UK last year than left.