Chuka Umunna Has "Come Home", Says Lib Dem Party President

15 June 2019, 11:11 | Updated: 15 June 2019, 11:22

The President of the Liberal Democrats told LBC Chuka Umunna has "come home" after Andrew Castle joked that the party's newest MP could head to a different party next week.

Baroness Sal Brinton told LBC she admired that Chuka Umunna admitted he was wrong about the country needing a new centrist party as he announced his joining of the Liberal Democrats.

Speaking to Andrew Castle, the Lib Dem President and Peer said: "It's not often you see a politician standing up and saying in very plain words 'I got it wrong', and that's one of the things I have found most admirable in him, that he recognises he made that mistake."

Andrew asked the peer whether she thought the new Lib Dem should face a by-election, but the

"The convention is that you are elected as an individual with a party tag, and there is probably going to be a general election this year," she replied.

"We've not picked up from local people that they want that either, they actually like Chuka as their MP and he's got to prove now despite that change his service his residents hasn't changed at all."

Former Labour And Change UK MP Joins the Liberal Democrats
Former Labour And Change UK MP Joins the Liberal Democrats. Picture: Getty

But when Andrew Castle joked that the party should "hang onto him" because he could "head off to a different party next week", the Lib Dem peer said: "No, he's come home."

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