Govt must step up jabs and Covid prevention measures, expert says

24 October 2021, 10:37

By Seán Hickey

If government don't act fast enough to curb rising Covid-19 cases, the UK could face another lockdown by the end of the year, this Independent SAGE member insists.

Pressure grows on the government to initiate plan B of the coronavirus response as case numbers and deaths rise. Professor Gabriel Scally of the University of Bristol joined Andrew Castle to explain that measures should have remained for longer.

"Are you a plan B-er yourself? So vaccine passports, masks and working from home?" Andrew asked.

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Dr Scally said that what is proposed in plan B should have been happening this whole time.

"We need prevention, vaccination and control."

He accused the government of "not really putting the effort in" to minimising the risk which has led to the current rise in cases.

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"Are we likely to see a lockdown again despite so many are vaccinated?" Andrew wondered.

"I think unfortunately we are" Dr Scally confirmed.

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"The government isn't really doing the job with vaccination and prevention and the local control" and he believed that because of this a rise in cases and deaths in inevitable.

"There is no option except tight restriction once again and it's really sad" he concluded.