Brexit: Campaign to rejoin EU begins today, declares Lord Heseltine

1 January 2021, 09:50

By Seán Hickey

The former deputy leader of the Conservatives insists that despite the UK leaving the EU, he will push for Britain to rejoin.

"The battle starts again," former deputy leader of the Conservative Party Lord Michael Heseltine told Andrew Pierce in the wake of Brexit coming into force.

"With a chapter closed last night, a new chapter opens," Lord Heseltine added, reminding Andrew of a stipulation in the Brexit deal which allows a review process of four years could lead to the UK rejoining the EU.

"First of all it is up to us who believe in a closely knit relationship with Europe to use the same determination Brexiteers did to disrupt the European partnership."

"We want it back, and the only logical answer is to argue for that decision."

Andrew argued to credit the Prime Minister, who, despite those who insisted a deal wouldn't be struck, reached agreement with the EU before time ran out.

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"What we've got is a deal which is a running battlefield every time we want to change our position," the former Tory deputy leader argued.

He added that any time a rule change from either side occurs in the coming years, the current deal "fans the flames of dissent between us and the continent."

Lord Heseltine went on: "Leaving is going to inflict a significant dent on Britain's economic position, none of that is compensated by any of these rollover deals."

Lord Heseltine vowed to campaign for closer ties with the EU
Lord Heseltine vowed to campaign for closer ties with the EU. Picture: PA

Andrew thought that it was time that Lord Heseltine accepted defeat: "You've been fighting this fight for a long time. Don't you think it's over?" The former Tory MP refused.

"Britain's self-interest demands its position at the centre of Europe," he declared.

Lord Heseltine spoke about how Brexit may be reversed by the next generation, and felt that a new, pro-European campaign will "inspire a new generation to seek first closer and then union – membership of the European Union."