Tory MP: Partygate fines 'a bit harsh' on Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak

13 April 2022, 19:28

Tory MP thinks fines were 'a bit harsh'

By Seán Hickey

The Prime Minister and the Chancellor didn't break the law when they flouted their own Covid rules and the fines on them are 'a bit harsh', this Conservative backbencher claims.

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Tory MP Tom Hunt joined Andrew Pierce as public outrage over Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak's decision to remain in office despite breaking their own Covid rules grows.

Mr Hunt claimed that the Prime Minister didn't break any law and suggested calls for his resignation are premature.

"Aren't you belittling it in a way?" Andrew asked, to which Mr Hunt said the public are "right to feel angry and upset at what happened."

Andrew pushed the Tory MP: "If Boris didn't break the laws, did the Met get it wrong?"

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Tory MP Tom Hunt doesn't think Boris Johnson broke the law

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"It would be a bit much for me to say", he said.

"From what I can see I think the decision was a bit harsh to fine the Prime Minister and to fine the Chancellor."

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Having said the fines are a bit harsh, Mr Hunt then said: "I wouldn't say the police have got it wrong."

"I bet they wish now that they left that room immediately and got everyone to disperse, put they didn't," he concluded.