Beverly Turner: I'm Glad The Grid Girls Have Gone

11 February 2018, 07:52 | Updated: 11 February 2018, 07:57

Grid girls have been in the headlines ever since it was announced that they would be axed.

Beverly Turner took some time out to address the controversy surrounding grid girls and the abuse she has received online ever since she called for them to be scrapped.

She told her listeners that her "objection to Formula 1 grid girls... is not prudishness." Instead "it is simply that in those massive male sporting arenas women should not be the set dressing."

Beverly also highlighted that there are no grid boys.

Beverly Turner VS the grid girls
Beverly Turner VS the grid girls. Picture: LBC

Referencing the abuse she had received online Beverly said that she found it fascinating that the debate has "become women slugging it out in public with other women."

Responding to those who have told that Beverly that she is personally responsible for the grid girls losing their jobs Beverly replied, "I didn't lose you your job, feminism didn't lose you your job. Formula 1 lost them their jobs."

Beverly finished by saying that "there are women being laid off for being in pregnant pretty much on a daily basis" and that if people wanted to really campaign for women they should concentrate on that issue, not grid girls.