Camilla Tominey reacts to Gavin Williamson claiming he has 'forgotten' his A-level results

10 August 2021, 20:24 | Updated: 10 August 2021, 20:50

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Camilla Tominey reacted to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson claiming to have "forgotten" his own A-level results.

Mr Williamson made the claim during an exchange with LBC's Nick Ferrari.

In response to Mr Williamson's claim, Camilla said: "How can you not remember what you got in your A-levels?

"Call me if you literally don't remember what you got in your A-levels. I don't know anybody who falls into that category."

Camilla added: "The truth is he hasn't done very well...and he's not willing to admit it."

She also claimed that the Education Secretary could have instead "perfectly cogently" argued that he didn't do very well at school but had gone on to be a success in his political career.

Camilla went on to say it's "astonishing" that Mr Williamson "can't even tell us what he got for his own exams".

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