Football fans in London 'made a mockery' of national Covid effort, carer fumes

19 June 2021, 17:51

Care home worker disgusted by Scottish fans gathering in London

By Seán Hickey

This care home worker shares was disgusted by scenes of thousands of football fans flouting Covid restrictions to celebrate a goalless draw.

David Lammy observed that the last 18 months have "been so tough in the care sector" and caller Lucy shared her anger at scenes following the England v Scotland game, which came as a kick in the teeth for frontline workers.

"Infection levels are rising" she told David, warning that they're "going to rise massively" in the next few weeks "and it's all the result of kicking around a ball."

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The dejected caller wondered "how is the government allowing this?"

David moved the conversation on to revelations that UEFA delegates will be allowed to waive quarantine regulations to come watch the Euro final.

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Fans gather after Scotland v England

Scotland fans react to England draw

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He wondered if the caller thought it was "acceptable" to make such an exception.

"It makes my blood boil" Lucy insisted. She was massively disgusted by the contrasting rules apparently dependant on your social standing.

David posed a final question to the caller, asking "what would you say to Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock?"

"They've made a mockery of everything they said they stand for," she concluded, noting that football fans have seemed to be granted "special treatment" whilst frontline workers like herself are left to "pick up the pieces."