True and Fair Party leader reacts to MPs claiming fines on expenses: 'Even good people can be corrupted in corridors of power'

29 May 2023, 19:07

‘Even good people can be corrupted in corridors of power' says Gina Miller

By Anna Fox

Gina Miller calls for the “checks and balances” to be legislated after a minister and three MPs were asked to repay driving fines paid on expenses.

“We mustn’t tar all MPs with the same brush,” says Leader of the True and Fair Party, Gina Miller, telling Ali Miraj: “People who go into power, do it out of civic duty”.

However, Ms Miller claimed “the system has to change” following an investigation that revealed a Government minister, two Tory MPs and an SNP representative claimed driving fines on expenses.

Ms Miller exclaimed to Ali: “In almost every other walk of life you wouldn’t be able to claim your parking fine if you were working.

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Ali Miraj on MP expense scandal

“We need to have a common sense approach to parliament and to how our politicians work and operate there is no longer a place for the good chap theory.”

Government whip and Minister in the energy department, Amanda Solloway, is one of four MPs to have claimed for the fines, as detailed in the expenses register.

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Unveiled in an investigation by The Independent, the Derby North MP claimed back an £80 fixed penalty notice issued by Transport for London on July 2, 2020.

The Leader of the True and Fair Party continued, stating: “Unfortunately, even good people can be corrupted in corridors of power.

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“Power is an aphrodisiac because it can make good people behave differently”.

Concluding, Ms Miller called for “checks and balances” to be legislated to prevent politicians from breaching their code of conduct.