No-fly zones and NATO troops in Ukraine 'need to be considered', Tobias Ellwood tells LBC

6 March 2022, 09:53 | Updated: 6 March 2022, 12:32

Tobias Ellwood calls for UK to not rule out no-fly zone or more action against Putin

By Seán Hickey

The chair of the Defence Select Committee believes that the West is limiting itself in its ability to take action on Putin's aggression in Ukraine.

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Tobias Ellwood MP joined Ian Payne after Boris Johnson presented his six-point plan to halt Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

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"We're still limiting ourselves", the Conservative MP said in response to the measures.

"Putin will not stop unless he's stopped" he added, suggesting that the UK and NATO shouldn't be taking any measures off the table in response to Russian aggression.

Ian tried to make sense of Mr Ellwood's comments: "You're not suggesting NATO planes in the air, no-fly zones, troops on the ground, but you are advocating something more than what we're doing at the moment?"

"I'm saying all these things need to be considered."

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"What [NATO] can't do is absolutely rule everything out as we watch a country absolutely be pulled apart by its neighbour."

Ian worried that such measures would trigger nuclear war between Putin and the West. "Keep your feet on the ground", Mr Ellwood declared.

He insisted that a tougher stance wouldn't necessarily lead to nuclear threats, but the West needs "a far more measured, appropriate stance on this."

"We need to keep this into context but recognise if we do nothing, it will not stop here."