Katie Hopkins: Congratulations To The 52%

12 March 2017, 11:15 | Updated: 12 March 2017, 11:39

Katie Hopkins says that Leave voters "have taken a beating" over the months following the EU referendum - but congratulates them for making it through.

Article 50 could be triggered on Tuesday if the European Union (Notice of Withdrawal) Bill receives the royal assent on Monday. 

On her Sunday morning LBC show Presenter Katie Hopkins offered her congratulations to the 52 per cent who voted to leave the EU, saying they had made it through nine months of "beating". 

She said: "We will trigger Article 50, finally. So my first thing really, is to offer my congratulations, my support, my applause, to every single one of the 52, and those that have joined us subsequently.  

"Not only did you make Brexit happen, not only did you get us to this line, which some would say is the start line, some would say it's a finish line, but I think it's the start line, not only did you get there, but I feel like we almost stood there like...a punchbag really.  

"We said 'yes OK you given us a vote, lovely, and we vote to leave'. June 23- we leave, and we celebrated. But over the course of the next eight months we have taken nothing but a beating. We have been punched for our decision.  

"We have been told we made the wrong decision. We have been taken to court in order to be told we needed to ask parliament again if they could then approve our decision.  

"We've been told by old politicians, looking for a moment in the sunshine once more, that we made the wrong decision. 

"There's been endless articles, I'm looking at one, revolting one here from Matthew Parris, still preening about the fact that "Won't it be great", he says, "Politics may be sour, but how sweet it is to be on the right side of a great question".  

"The idea that the "right" side, the "right answer was Remain", and the "wrong answer" was what we, the 52, voted for. So I take this opportunity, if I may, to applaud every single one of you that have stood strong for the last nine months and got us to this point. 

"And still they come, and still they come to argue. And it amazes me that even one day, 48 hours before we trigger Article 50, still they try to say "we're not prepared, we don't know what we're doing, we should have a plan for no deal". That is the opposite of how you go into any deal-making conversation, I would suggest."