Brexit Has Brought The End Of The Union, Warns Northern Irish Journalist

20 April 2019, 15:35

A journalist in Northern Ireland says that Brexit has "undoubtedly weakened the Union", as the British government has taken the side of Unionism.

Dennis Murray told Matt Frei that allowing Scotland to become independent would leave Northern Ireland "out on a limb", and bring the end of unionism between Northern Ireland the rest of the UK.

The long serving journalist, who covered The Troubles, said that the lack of devolution in Northern Ireland and the British government siding with the DUP over Brexit are contributing factors.

Mr Murray said: "I think it is as worrying a situation as it has been for a while and it's caused by Brexit.

"The peace process was based on a number of things, but the two key things were the British government would help encourage but also at times cajole the Unionists and the Irish government would help encourage and at times cajole Republicans and Nationalists.

"What you have at the moment is the British government completely in the camp of the democratic unionist party and not a mutual broker."

Matt Frei in the LBC studio
Matt Frei in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Mr Murray continued: "The British government has taken the side of unionism and that's very dangerous.

"There is no power-sharing assembly in Stormont, that's very dangerous.

"The only way to secure the union is to have devolution.

"And without devolution there that whole united Ireland is back on the table.

"I think we are possibly in the last days of the Union."