Furious caller demands Government 'do the right thing' to stop coronavirus spread

17 October 2020, 13:05

Callers go head-to-head over second lockdown debate

By Seán Hickey

As calls for a circuit breaker lockdown grow, this teacher begged the Government to do all they can to prevent Covid-19 spreading further.

"I am sick and tired of England playing catch up," Brent told Matt Frei, after explaining that he has been affected by the Government's slow action on the pandemic.

"Why don't they follow the science," he wondered.

The caller was clearly disgusted by what he saw as the UK's lacklustre approach to tackling the pandemic.

"Forget the outrage - this government is too populist. Do the right thing."

He explained to Matt that "the domino effect has me at home," stating that he as a teacher has had to isolate after making contact with someone carrying Covid-19 while working at his school.

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"This Government comes out and says that children don't spread it. They're lying."

Brent was challenged by another caller who claimed his assertions were untrue. "They've chucked us back in...and told us to suck it up and get on with it," Brent rebuked.

"We need this government to stand up and make right what it did wrong," he insisted.