Jean-Claude Juncker Is Playing Nasty, Nigel Farage Fumes

20 March 2017, 21:21 | Updated: 20 March 2017, 21:30

Nigel Farage did not hold back after the President of the European Commission warned Britain of a tough time during the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

Speaking to a German newspaper, Mr Juncker said he was not worried about any of the remaining 27 EU nations following in Britain’s footsteps, because he would make sure it was “not worth leaving”.

The statement infuriated Nigel Farage, who branded the Luxembourgish politician “arrogant” during his LBC show on Monday.

“What he's saying is that if we want to leave the European Union they are going to be as nasty and as beastly to us as they possibly can," Nigel said.

“I have to say in the face of such arrogance and unpleasantness I wonder why we ever joined the European club in the first place, if they’re this nasty, let's get out as quickly as we possibly can.”

On Monday, it was revealed Theresa May will begin official Brexit talks next Wednesday. Watch what Nigel Farage made of that historic announcement here.