Nigel Farage's Instant Reaction To John Bercow's Resignation Announcement

9 September 2019, 19:42

"An hour and a half of 'isn't he a jolly good fellow!'" Watch Nigel Farage's instant reaction to the Speaker John Bercow's emotional resignation announcement after 10 years in the role.

"Bercow got up and made this address at half past 3 and the tributes went on until 5 o'clock. An hour and a half on 'isn't he a jolly good fellow'," said LBC presenter Nigel Farage.

"Labour MPs all standing up and applauding him even though it's not Parliamentary to clap," he said, adding, "Didn't see many people on the Tory benches standing up and cheering."

This comes after John Bercow has announced he will stand down as Commons speaker on 31st October at the latest.