Stig Abell On Boris Johnson's First Days In Office

17 July 2016, 13:53 | Updated: 2 September 2016, 17:56

"A showman being asked to do the job of a serious politician" Stig Abell assesses Boris Johnson's first days in office.

Stig took stock of Boris as foreign secretary who’s been faced with two serious challenges with the attack in Nice and the attempted coup in Turkey.

"What ho! It's been a positively exhausting first two days for Boris 'Bo Jo' Johnson.

"Britain's loveable rogue who now pops into the Foreign Office when he's not translating a bit of Cicero, swinging the willow at a cricket match or lovably running a hand through his loveable blonde hair.

"We love him because he's loveable!

"But now his job is to front Britain's foreign policy, to be the person called from his bed when there is - I don't know - a failed coup in Turkey or a massacre in France."

Speaking about Johnson's article in the Sun on Sunday, Stig asked: "Do we want our Foreign Secretary writing an article on his third day in the job?

"Writing his column for the Telegraph?

"It's yet another example of him as a showman being asked to do the job of a serious politician."