Hive introduces new smart home security system featuring siren

11 November 2020, 16:14

Hive introduces siren-led smart home security system
Hive introduces siren-led smart home security system. Picture: PA

HomeShield integrates existing devices into a monitoring system to keep properties safe.

Smart device manufacturer Hive has added a new home security system to its offering, which includes a siren for the first time.

HomeShield is a monthly subscription platform that makes use of existing Hive smart home products, such as cameras and sensors, to keep properties safe.

The monitoring service provides users with greater control and customisation within the Hive app, such as arming or disarming whether people are home, sleeping or away.

Although it can be activated and deactivated within the app from anywhere, HomeShield also includes a traditional security alarm keypad.

A timeline details all activity detected by devices, while also providing homeowners with notifications directly to their phone.

Americo Lenza, portfolio director at energy firm Centrica, which owns Hive, said: “We’re passionate about helping you find the best home solutions, which is exactly why we’ve launched HomeShield.”

He added: “Today smart home provider Hive launches HomeShield – a brand-new smart monitoring service that helps you protect your home from your phone.”

The launch is the latest in Hive’s ever-growing smart home services, which first started in 2013 with a smart thermostat that allows customers to control heating and hot water.

Customers must purchase an introductory pack first, starting from £203, with a monthly subscription from £9.99 to access the full works of HomeShield.

By Press Association