James O'Brien savages those still backing Boris Johnson - 'Complicit in catastrophe!'

5 July 2022, 15:33

If you are still cheering, whilst our country is turned into a clown car, then you are complicit'

By James Bickerton

James O'Brien has launched a fiery attack on those still supporting Boris Johnson's 'skip fire' administration.

The Prime Minister is embroiled in a fresh scandal over what he knew about sexual harassment allegations against Chris Pincher, formerly his deputy chief whip.

Lord McDonald, formerly the top Foreign Office civil servant, released a letter contradicting Downing Street claims Mr Johnson wasn't aware of complaints against Mr Pincher whilst he was Foreign Secretary.

Speaking about the PM on his LBC show James said: "If you're supporting him because you're in Cabinet it's because you're fairly confident you wouldn't be able to get a job shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic under any other Prime Minister.

"If you're supporting him and you're not in the Parliamentary Conservative Party I'm afraid it's because you've fallen for some bizarre personality cult and you have debased yourself, denied reality and lied to yourself, probably originally about the reality of Brexit.

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'I do not understand how this country has been brought this low'

"You're also profoundly unpatriotic because if you are still cheering, or even sitting idly by, while our country is turned into a clown car, while the skip fire rages ever more out of control, then you are complicit in that catastrophe, you are complicit in this chaos. You are part of it and you are culpable."

Mr Pincher stepped down as deputy chief whip last week, following accusations about his conduct in the Conservative supporting Carlton Club.

He later lost the Tory whip, and further allegations about his past behaviour have emerged.

Mr Pincher has said he will seek medical help, but does not intend to stand down as an MP.

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