Shocking Moment Disabled Comedian Screamed At By Mother Of Littering Children

3 September 2018, 15:53

This is the shocking footage of a mother shouting at comedian Tanyalee Davis because her own children were caught littering.

Tanyalee Davis was travelling on a train near Nottingham when she noticed a group of unsupervised children littering in the carriage.

The spat escalated when one of the children started reading private messages on Tanyalee's phone while stood over her.

As she began to film the group of children, they started to make remarks about her disability, with one saying: "look at the size of her leg".

But the row escalated even further when the mother of the kids showed up and began to shout.

"It's classed as [sic] paedophile if you film other people's children," the woman said.

As the pair argue about her children dropping litter, the woman takes out her phone to start recording Tanyalee.

"If anyone's abnormal, it's you," she said.

Continuing to shout, the woman calls Tanyalee a "paedophile bitch" while making gestures with her hands.

And as the group disembark the train, she makes one final remark: "disabled bitch".

Watch the shocking exchange in the video above.