Tory Party Has "Lack Of Respect" To MPs Against No-Deal Brexit, Says Antoinette Sandbach

22 June 2019, 08:57

Backbencher MP Antoinette Sandbach tells LBC there is a "lack of respect" with Conservative Party towards members who don't accept no-deal Brexit.

Andrew Castle asked the MP about a tweet that has since been deleted in which she says a fellow Conservative MP sent her messages calling her a "disgrace" and calling for her to leave the party.

Ms Sandbach replied: "I've referred the matter to the Chief Whip who will be looking into it on Monday, and I think that's the appropriate way for it to be done.

"I have felt that there's been a lack of respect in Parliament and within the Conservative Party for those of us who aren't prepared to accept a no-deal outcome because I think it's incredibly damaging for the north-west.

"When I stand up to speak and if I hear a member of my own party calling me a quisling - I spoke in one debate and a member of the Conservative Party said 'is this quisling still in our party', I don't think it's an appropriate or respectful way to treat a colleague."

Chief Whip Julian Smith tweeted his support of the MP, describing it was "totally unacceptable".

"Thank you for supporting the Withdrawal Agreement three times and for your support of HMG," he added.

It comes as Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt secure their places in the final two of the Conservative leadership contest, after nearly a dozen other candidates either dropped out or were voted out in the first ballot stages.

Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen quit the party to form Change UK, saying that a "hardline anti-EU awkward squad" had taken over the party.