Caller attacks "inconsiderate, stupid idiots" for ignoring self-isolation rules

26 July 2020, 09:57

By Seán Hickey

This caller called out "complete prats" who seem to have forgotten that the world is fighting a pandemic and have gone back to their normal lives.

Jeanette phoned in from Chesterfield while the discussion was centred around the new quarantine rules for Spain. Andrew Castle was captivated by her job, as she works in small animal hydrotherapy which she branded "the worst job in the world."

Jeanette wasn't calling Andrew to comment on the Spanish quarantine rules but rather "the non self-isolating," that is going on in the UK, be it people ignoring contact tracing or not taking social distancing rules seriously.

The caller said that "people that want to go abroad, I think they're stupid but that's their choice."

"How many weeks ago were we shouting for the NHS," Jeanette wondered, telling Andrew that "it feels like we've gone down the, 'I don't care anymore,'" route.

Andrew asked the caller what her views on the scenes of Bournemouth beach, Liverpool's title celebrations and protests, all which were seen during lockdown. Jeanette branded the culprits "complete prats, complete selfish, inconsiderate, stupid idiots."

Jeanette said that people that carried on as normal during the pandemic are "complete prats"
Jeanette said that people that carried on as normal during the pandemic are "complete prats". Picture: PA

She said that the actions of these people "risk everybody going back into lockdown," and told Andrew that people need to obey the rules if the want the UK to go back to normal as soon as possible.

Jeanette referenced Andrew's conversations with previous callers who couldn't afford to quarantine otherwise they'd have no income. She said that they are "risking a hell of a lot more because if we go back into lockdown again we're going to have to shut down again."

The caller was of the belief that in the UK "we're too soft and too scared to do anything," in our approach to coronavirus.

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