Keeping Covid-19 under control is responsibility of every individual - Dr Zoe Williams

4 July 2020, 10:59

By Seán Hickey

Each person in England has a responsibility to ensure that coronavirus remains under control by practicing safe measures.

Dr Zoe Williams joined Andrew Castle to discuss the reopening of pubs, restaurants and hairdressers on Super Saturday and whether the lockdown easing has been done safely.

Andrew stated that "there's a line to be walked and it is a narrow one" in the easing of lockdown. NHS GP Dr Williams agreed. She stressed the role each person has to practice the measures to keep coronavirus at bay.

"If we go in one direction we risk the virus taking hold more, if we go in the other direction then we risk the economic downturn and that comes with health problems as well."

"I think we're in a situation at the moment where there is a huge responsibility on each and every one of us to just bear in mind that the virus is very much still out there.

"If we are to get back to normality, that's only gonna be successful if we remember the virus is out there and we take those very simple measures to reduce the risk of transmission."

Dr Zoe Williams stressed the responsibility of every person in keeping coronavirus under control
Dr Zoe Williams stressed the responsibility of every person in keeping coronavirus under control. Picture: PA

"We all have a huge responsibility that if you do have the symptoms, you do stay at home." Said Dr Williams, reiterating the responsibility each person has to control coronavirus.

Andrew wondered if the TV personality was "comfortable with how fast the government have moved on this." Dr Williams told him that she feels "anxious as I know a lot of people do."

"It is really important that we get our economy back up and running, it is really important that the people that work in the hospitality industry are able to get back to their jobs and start earning a living, and I think, as customers, I do think it's really important we play our part in that."

Dr Williams told Andrew that "having a certain level of anxiety and unease actually isn't a bad thing" and it can work to keep people aware of the risks involved in going to the pub or restaurant.

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