Former UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe Speaks To Andrew About Alleged Attack

5 February 2017, 09:05 | Updated: 5 February 2017, 09:07

Andrew Castle Spoke To Steven Woolfe

Steven Woolfe, who is now an independent MEP after leaving UKIP, was in the studio with Andrew Castle and recalled the incident that left him hospitalised.

Steven Woolfe, who is now an independent MEP after leaving UKIP, sensationally hit the headlines last year when a fellow UKIP MEP allegedly punched him in the face, hospitalising him, at European Parliament. 

He was in the studio with Andrew Castle this morning talking about the day's headlines when he recalled the alleged attack.

Steven said: "I had two seizures. One two minutes, one three minutes. My throat had partially collapsed so they had to put a plastic tube in to open the air vents and for about four days there was a partial paralysis leading to numbness down the left-hand side, which eventually has disappeared.

"So I'm here back and normal, healthy."

The incident is currently under investigation by the French police. 

He went on: "Physically I've taken a whole new way of life. Something like that so dramatically makes you think. So I've started running again, I've really been watching what I eat as well."

Andrew said: "I thought you were going to die."

Steven continued: "There was a concern that something very serious was happening at the time and all I can say is that if it wasn't for the enormously swift reactions of the two doctors and the French MEP, who was a surgeon, who was there within a minute or so as I heard, because they are positioned at the back of the chamber, then things would have been a lot more serious."