Govt is 'wobbling into danger zone' and faces losing next election without 'clear message', says Iain Duncan-Smith

4 October 2022, 18:33 | Updated: 4 October 2022, 18:40

Iain Duncan-Smith told Andrew Marr the government is 'wobbling towards the danger zone'
Iain Duncan-Smith told Andrew Marr the government is 'wobbling towards the danger zone'. Picture: LBC/Alamy

By Daisy Stephens

The government is 'wobbling towards the danger zone' and faces losing the next election unless Liz Truss spells out a clear message in her speech on Wednesday, Iain Duncan-Smith has told LBC's Tonight with Andrew Marr.

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Andrew asked about the 'lack of discipline and the lack of grip' within the Tory party and asked if Ms Truss was in the "danger zone".

"A government wobbles into that area when they no longer have a clear and simple message," said Sir Iain.

"And by tomorrow she's going to have to spell out what they're going to do.

"She's going to spell out how they're going to do it."

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There have been disagreements within the Conservative party on a number of key issues over recent days.

Earlier home secretary Suella Braverman accused Tory rebels of staging a 'coup' over the government's tax U-turn, and meanwhile Nadine Dorries has hinted a general election might be the way forward.

Iain Duncan Smith agrees the party need's to 'get a grip'

Sir Iain said Ms Truss must lay out a "credible" plan, beginning with the "argument" and then explaining the "means and mechanisms" she will use to implement it.

Andrew pressed further, pointing to the Daily Mail's front page on Tuesday that instructed the government to "get a grip".

"Do you agree?" He asked.

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"Yes," said the MP.

"And I think that's down to colleagues, it's down to the government to recognise that what we're doing - if we're not careful - is wishing ourselves into an election where we literally will be absolutely trounced."

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Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith: Energy cap

Andrew then asked if Ms Truss was up to the job.

"I know her and I think she is," he said.

But he said her party needed to give her space to "do that leading that she needs to do".

He also claimed that even Margaret Thatcher would struggle to lead the party right now, earlier citing a combination of factors including soaring inflation and the war in Ukraine.

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He went on: "The party's got to decide - what does it want?

"Does it want to stay in power and deliver?

"Or does it want to get out?

"Because at the moment they're looking like they want to get out."