Boris Johnson 'has got to' ban travel from India following variant spread, caller insists

17 April 2021, 12:53

By Seán Hickey

This caller believes that the Prime Minister is 'playing fast and loose' with the lives of Brits by refusing to put India on the UK's travel red list.

Deborah from Camberley told Andrew Pierce that she "could cry" because of the Government's lax attitude towards closing the UK's border to India, following the spread of a new coronavirus variant.

"So many people have made so many sacrifices," the caller said, suggesting that a failure to act will bring the UK back to square one.

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"It's obvious that the cases are going to jump with this variant that we've got no way of dealing with."

The caller said that the Prime Minister has "got to put them on the red list," to protect Brits.

"I can't believe he's playing so fast and loose with our lives" she stressed.

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Andrew wondered if the caller believed that the Prime Minister's reluctance to put India on the red list was due to his upcoming trip to the country. "Absolutely," she replied.

"He could do this on zoom," she added, reminding listeners of the sacrifices we have all made during the pandemic.

"I hope in the next few days something will change," she noted.

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