"No Wonder Collars Aren't Being Felt" This Caller Rages About PC Policing

18 July 2019, 17:29

This caller came on to speak to a serving police officer and ended up raging about

Speaking to Iain Payne the caller said he wondered if the younger and newer police officers were "actually up to the job."

He said: "When I see them dancing and revelling with Extinction Rebellion protesters , and when I see police officers in Leicestershire painting their nails because they want to appear more inclusive, my immediate reaction is no wonder collars aren't being felt."

With a serving police officer on the line, Iain Payne asked if he felt the force should return to the days when "policing meant policing."

Simon, a police officer with 16-years service, said it was very different when he did his training.

He told LBC if it was a choice of where money should go, then the resources should go to more police "on the street", and more specialist neighbourhood officers.

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.