Most People Wouldn't Want Their Child To Marry A Brexiteer, Says Remain Caller

13 September 2019, 11:41

An LBC caller leaves Ian Payne in hysterics after saying "most people wouldn't want their child to marry a Brexiteer because they're too hate-filled."

Ian Payne, who had burst into laughter, asked the caller John if he'd heard right.

"They've got far too much hate in them," he said, "just listen to them when they phone up the radio! You never find a more angry person than a Brexiteer. For some reason they've been angry for 40 years."

"Have they?" asked an amused Ian.

"Yeah, they seem to be. You listen to them. I heard one Brexiteer say the other day, 'I would live in a tent so long as I've got Brexit'."

Ian pointed out that the Oxford University students who are petitioning to ban the Prime Minister from his alma mater, Balliol College, are "presumably Remainers" and "sound quite angry."

He replied: "Well they should be angry."

Ian, in disbelief, reminded him he'd just said Brexiteers are angry.

"No but if I was their age, I would be very angry about what Boris Johnson's trying to do to this country. I'd be much angrier than I am now.

"Well I wouldn't my daughter to marry a Remainer, John."

The caller said that was "ridiculous" because "Remainers are all nice people."

Watch the hilarious video above.