"Why Are We Having This Conversation?": This Caller Left Ian Payne Baffled

8 September 2019, 17:23

A caller wanted others to detail what the UK remaining in the EU would look like for the next ten years, but Ian Payne was left utterly confused.

Tim in Scunthorpe insisted to know what life would be like if Britain remained in the EU, but the conversation left LBC presenter Ian Paybe with a "know in my head".

He said: "Forget the conversation we're having at the moment about whether we remain or leave.

"Rewind back to the day before you signed up, you knew what your home life, your circumstances were, and did you understand where the EU was going to be leading us into the next ten years politically, militarily, any of that?

"Have we had anybody talk about this? Do we know what the political outcome is going to be for remaining in the EU for the next ten years?"

Ian pointed out that people can't read the future, and asked, "what is your point?"

The caller responded: "Let's move forward to 31 October, and we've now remained in the EU, so nothing has changed.

"Right, is anybody going to get on the radio now and tell us what they think remaining over the next ten years is going to be about?"