This Caller Is Tired Of People Generalising Muslims

This Caller Wasn't Happy

Katie was discussing reports of high level election fraud in towns and cities with large Muslim communities and Ragad from Euston had something to say about it.

The LBC presenter referenced the Telegraph's article, which reported that voters in towns and cities with a large Muslim community will have to show their passports at local elections in 2018 as part of a pilot scheme. 

The topic of discussion prompted numerous responses from listeners, but Ragad had a message for those who were generalising her religion.

She said: "There are many Muslims who are lawyers, doctors, teachers, I’m a wife, and I would not allow my husband to control the way I vote or even think.

“When you put across these issues, people who aren’t in touch with Muslims... [develop an] image about Muslims being corrupt, women being brainwashed by their husbands.”

Katie added that she was referencing a report and an article: “It is specifically directed at Muslim communities and I don’t think it was picked on for any other reason.”

She went on: “It does appear to be Muslim areas that are particularly affected. Statistically that appears to be the case. If we took the case of Tower Hamlets for example, that was a case where the Mayor there was eventually stripped of being the Mayor because of the way the election was run. He was seen as being corrupt and it was proven to be the case.”

Ragad hit back with: “I think that’s the minority where vote rigging is happening, across all communities, not exclusive to the Muslim communities. If I was a listener and I’m listening to the debate it will make me think that specifically to do with Muslims.

“Do you know what happens to us, to law-abiding Muslims? Do you know when an Imam tells me go and practice your religion and vote, what ideas it gives me? It gives me ‘do your duty towards the country that you live in, the country that you belong to, choose the best’.

“It’s not the negative ideas that are conveyed through what you were discussing. Not at all…we’re not controlled by the Mosque.” 

Ragad added that in her Mosque they are not permitted to point out what party they vote for.

Katie asked Raged that if her religion would prompt her to vote for a Muslim candidate.

Ragad responded: "I'm telling you, there are Muslims in the last election who voted for the other candidate." 

Katie hit back with: "Another candidate other than son of a bus driver Sadiq Khan? Don't tell me there was another candidate."