Caller: It's OK For The Iranian Regime To Force Women To Wear The Hijab

11 February 2018, 09:02

During a discussion about the Foreign Office's decision to let employees try a hijaab for a day, Ian in Acton rang in to defend regimes like Iran.

Matt and Ian were originally the best of friends, but things took a sour turn when LBC's Matt called the Iranian regime a dictatorship. Ian responded that he thought such an accusation was merely "false propaganda."

Doubling down on his point Matt said that Iran was "one of the foulest dictatorships in the world." Perplexed Ian asked why Matt would say that. After explaining his point that women get stoned to death for not wearing the hijaab, Ian accused him of "sensationalising."

Matt said that he wasn't sensationalising and that the Iranian regime imposes Islamic law under the penalty of death. He went on to ask Ian whether "women in Iran are rightfully forced to wear the hijab, or do you think that is wrong?" 

Matt Stadlen
Matt Stadlen. Picture: LBC

Ian said that that values depended on the country, he reminded Matt that "Britain and America have legislation in place for if you expose yourself in public." This left Matt completely "exasperated" with his head in his hands.

He continued, "each country has laws" that people are required to obey. He defended Iran saying that the laws of Iran have nothing to do with the hijab and people expressing in the UK.

Matt finished by saying that he completely disagreed and that it wasn't right for the Iranian authorities