"If I Want A Banana, I'll Climb A Mountain And Get One" Says Brexiteer

4 February 2019, 11:55

Matt Stadlen struggled to maintain his composure as this caller told him that he didn't foresee any food shortages resulting from Brexit, because if he needs something he'll simply go and get it himself, including bananas...

Secret plans are reportedly being drawn up to evacuate The Queen from London in the event of riots caused by a no-deal Brexit.

On the topic of Brexit, Matt Stadlen asked his callers whether "project fear" is out of control.

One caller, Craig, spoke about food shortages.

"Beyond this hysteria and all this sort of economy rah rah rah, at the end of the day I'm a human being, if I need a banana, I'm gona get a banana", Craig said.

A bit bemused, Matt asked how he was going to get his banana from and Craig responded: "I'll go and get 'em myself, I'll climb the mountains of, anywhere, and get them".

Matt pointed out that the banana question may be a red herring and then introduced another caller, Tim, into the debate.

"My goodness me, this is why this country's in a muddle isn't it? We've got someone who thinks they can get a banana anywhere, Iain Duncan Smith who thinks he won't lose a job".

Tim then begins to talk about employees who has had to make redundant in his company but Craig interjects: "Who is Iain Duncan Smith anyway, mate? All I'm saying is if I need something, I'm gona go and get it."

Matt Stadlen
Picture: LBC

The discussion continues and Matt ends up falling about laughing.

Tim eventually gives up on talking to Craig, but Matt manages to bring Tim back in, saying "you've got to do better than that Tim, if you want to persuade him".

A fiery exchange between the callers ensues, as Matt continues to giggle away at the absurdity of the situation.

Watch the clip in full above....