The A-Z of 2017. G,H,I

27 December 2017, 21:08 | Updated: 30 December 2017, 20:39






Buddy Greco, jazzer

Dick Gregory, comedian

Bob Givens, Bugs Bunny animator

Charlie Gard, subject of court battles

Richard Gordon, surgeon, writer


Barry Gibb plays Glastonbury

Garden Bridge scrapped

Kathy Griffin and Trump's severed head (T)

Ariana Grande concert attack

Grenfell Tower fire

Gender neutral

General election

Gravitational waves discovery wins Nobel prize

Barry Gibb at Glastonbury

Sebastian Gorka resigned/fired (T)

Guatemala to move Israeli embassy to Jerusalem (T)

Getlink, new name for Eurotunnel post Brexit

Gold coin, 100kg, stolen from German museaum

Great Repeal Bill

Grammar vigilante corrects mistakes at night in Bristol

Damian Green sacked re. porn found on computer

Philip Green

Greg's sausage roll Jesus

Great Barrier Reef dying/dead

Great British Bake Off moves to C4

Gender identity

Gender neutral language

The Grand Tour, TV

Game of Thrones, TV

Pep Guardiola, Man City manager: special

Guam, Trump promises 10 fold increase in tourism after N Korea nuke threat (T)

Germaphobia “proves” Russia sex tape not real,  (T)

Golf, Trump spends almost one third of presidency at his own clubs (T)

Golf, Trump uses truck to block media filming him playing (T)

Golf, Trump claims he goes to his clubs for meetings but filmed playing (T)

Generation rent

Global warming, Trump tweets we need it because it is cold in winter (T)





John Hurt, actor

John Heard, actor

Johnny Hallyday, French singer

Hugh Hefner, Playboy

Sean Hughes, comedian

Robert Hardy, actor

Jon Hillerman, actor, Magnum PI

Heather Heyer, activist, Charlottesville

Howard Hodgkin, artist

Darcus Howe, activist



Hull, UK City of Culture

Frankie Hill, 6, sets up homeless campaign

Historical sex crimes

Hunting trophies (T)

Homosexuality decriminalised, 50th anniversary


Tristram Hunt quits politics, new head of V&A

Lewis Hamilton wins F1 championship

Lewis Hamilton and the princess dress

Lewis Hamilton avoids tax on private plane

Prince Harry engaged

Tom Harrison completes London marathon in 6 days in gorilla suit

Hollyweed, Hollywood sign changed

Handshakes, weird (T)

Nikki Hayley, US ambassador threatens UN on Jerusalem (T)

Hand towels on Air Force One not soft enough (T)

Katie Hopkins fired from Mail Online

Michael Hestletine: Brexit worse than Corbyn government

Huntingdon's disease, “groundbreaking” drug found

Hard Brexit

Marcus Hutchins stops WannaCry virus

“Hot Felon”, Jeremy Meeks dates Philip Green's daughter

High five, Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thorberry's goes wrong




Iran nuclear deal (T)

Inappropriate behaviour, euphemism for sex assaults

Island of Ireland, border and Brexit

Iceberg water costing £80 a bottle goes on sale

Kazuo Ishiguro, winner of the Nobel prize in literature

Invictus Games

iPhone, 10 years old

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, wins Nobel Peace Prize

Intercontinental ballistic missile, first test by N Korea

ISIS militarily defeated in Syria and Iraq

Inauguration crowd size (T)

Irma, hurricane

Impeachment often discussed (T)

Ivanka (T)

India set to become 5th largest economy


Iraq Historical Allegations Team

Insects decline 75% in 30 years, German study

Irish Coast Guard Rescue 116 helicopter crash

Interest rate rise, first in ten years

IKEA switches to snap together furniture

Impact assessments, absence of, on Brexit

Italy fail to qualify for first World Cup in 60 years