Nigel Farage Calls For Boris Johnson To Tell Us More On Sergei Skripal Poisoning

2 April 2018, 20:50

The Russian Foreign Minister has said that the UK could have been behind the poisoning for former-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in an attempted distraction away from Brexit.

Sergei Lavrov accused western countries of "playing children's games" and said there are "other explanations" than the ones put forward by Britain and its allies.

He said that experts think it could be "highly advantageous to the British government" over what he described as "failed promises to voters over Brexit."

On Saturday, Russia demanded the British government answer 14 questions about the attack in Salisbury.

Nigel Farage called upon Boris Johnson to either "give us some information" or "tell us you can't give it to us for reasons of security."

"But just to expect people to blindly believe what they're told?

"I'm afraid the days when we trusted our leaders that much are long, long gone."