Distraught caller tells Nigel Farage his pain of being distanced from his elderly mother

28 April 2020, 20:30

By Fiona Jones

This former health worker voiced to Nigel Farage his pain - and the pain shared by many others - of not being able to visit his elderly mother in her care home.

Danny told Nigel his 83 year old mother is currently in a care home in West London and he cannot see her as the home is understandably in lockdown.

"She could literally die any day, I know that already," he said, becoming distressed, "it's not just me, it's the same for many people."

Nigel said he understood how Danny felt, adding, "Do you also understand that care homes are scared of people coming in from outside and perhaps bringing in the virus?"

"Of course I do, I worked in the health service myself," Danny said, sharing that his brother, sister and partner also worked in the health service.

"This is a three way cross between Orwell's 1984 and Soviet Russia or something," he said.

Nigel agreed that this is a horrible situation and acknowledged that there are many people who will be experiencing his heartache, reiterating there is an incredibly good reason why care homes are having to close their doors.