Nigel Farage fears catastrophe in channel if migrants aren't stopped

10 May 2020, 11:47

By Seán Hickey

As migrants continue to cross into the UK from mainland Europe, Nigel vowed not to give up campaigning against the phenomenon.

Nigel Farage reminded listeners that on Friday a dinghy was caught in the channel that was bigger than any he's heard of before. The boat "was carrying nearly 50 people" and Nigel expressed concern that this was the beginning of a worrying trend.

"it is only a matter of time before there's a collision mid channel and people lose their lives" Nigel said. He shared a concern that although "there won't be many more boats this week" because of offshore winds, the people taking the trip are risking their lives before taking into account the dangers of coming into contact with ships.

Nigel added that "we may be approaching something on the verge of an invasion" if the government doesn't address the issue, and if something goes wrong along the way they are as much at fault as the criminals who facilitate the trafficking.

Speaking about Priti Patel, he stated that she has "talked very tough" on the question of the illegal migration into the UK but because the Prime Minister has been extremely welcoming of these migrants in the past, any statements get lost in the wind.

Nigel Fears fears catastrophe in the channel if migrants aren't stopped
Nigel Fears fears catastrophe in the channel if migrants aren't stopped. Picture: PA

Nigel stressed that "at some point in time we have to get a grip on this" and there will be questions asked of the government's action on migration.

"We should not be supporting these criminal gangs" he said, claiming that because we continue to accept migrants into the country, human traffickers will continue to send them.

He scoffed at any suggestion that we should be welcoming these people with open arms, saying "there is nothing good about what is going on in the English Channel."

Nigel also spoke about how the police knocked on his door for flouting lockdown rules as he travels to and from Dover to document the crossings, vowing that he "won't be silenced on this."

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