Nigel Farage Blasts £39bn Claim By EU As "Complete Rubbish"

26 August 2019, 20:13

Nigel Farage has attacked the EU's claim of a £39bn 'divorce bill' as "complete rubbish".

On his LBC show, the Brexit Party leader told listeners that because the £39bn settlement was never ratified in parliament the UK had no obligation to pay it.

He said: "We didn't ratify this wretched treaty. If we'd ratified the treaty then it would have gone into law that we owed them £39bn.

"Despite Mrs May desperate to give them this money, it wasn't ratified. So actually, as a negotiating position, Boris, is doing mostly the right thing.

"If in Brussels they believe he's serious, and really believe he is serious, it will make the chances of a change to the backstop that much more likely."

It follows the EU's response to Boris Johnson hinting that the UK would refuse to pay the £39bn, which the EU believes has already been agreed.