Nigel Takes On Caller Who Says His Entire Leave Campaign Is Just "Giving Us Slogans"

12 September 2019, 20:46

An LBC caller tells Nigel in a heated debate that he's "not giving facts" in his Brexit Party campaign and his promises are based "on slogans."

Originally calling about Operation Yellowhammer, the caller Graham defends the document as valuable. Nigel clarifies that they are “projections from the Whitehall based civil service” instead of proven facts.

“At least they’re something,” said Graham, “because your campaign is based on dogma. And anything which opposes your point of view is Project Fear and therefore you discredit it to your support base.

"But what you’re not giving is facts, actual reasons why we should be leaving the European Union. It’s just dogma, dogma and more dogma.”

Graham asked Nigel how we will actually benefit by leaving the European Union.

Nigel said: “The ability to make our own trade deals, catch our own fish, control our own borders, save a huge sum of money.”

“You’re giving us slogans now, you’re not telling us what’s actually going to change,” Graham said.

Nigel then asks the caller “the sanity question”: “Do you actually think that because we’re not members of a political union, that trade between us and the continent could fall to 40% of its current levels?”

Graham said that worst case scenario, this was plausible. He said: “You haven’t told me why it wouldn’t be.”

Graham continued, “Your entire campaign is just don’t trust the Government because they’re probably lying.”

Nigel then pressed the caller to answer why trade would fall by half, acknowledging that this was a difficult question to answer. He called Yellowhammer's projection “irrational nonsense.”

“Why are they doing it then?” asked Graham, talking of Yellowhammer.

Nigel responded that it’s because the government are the “Establishment” and “they don’t want us to be free.”

Watch the heated debate above.