Rachel Johnson on being reported for travelling amid "confusing" lockdown

8 May 2020, 18:52 | Updated: 8 May 2020, 19:02

Rachel Johnson was told she had been reported for travelling to exercise during the lockdown.

The Prime Minister is set to announce "incremental" lockdown changes on Sunday night which will come into place from Monday, two weeks after he said the UK was past the peak of coronavirus cases.

Rachel said she thinks lockdown is breaking down already as "more and more people are out and about."

"I think one cause is confusion: confusion about what current rules are and confusion about what current rules will be. Is there really anything that the PM can announce on Sunday that many haven't already begun to do in anticipation already?"

Rachel reflected there are "tons" of people out and about, and when she was walking down the Mall in London it was like a "Bank Holiday Friday in normal times."

She told LBC listeners that a couple of weeks ago she drove eight miles to go for a couple of hours' walk on the coast.

"Yesterday I got a call from a Sun journalist saying that the police had reported me for driving from my house, going on a walk, and then coming back to my house.

"I thought that I was allowed to do this within the current guidelines, which is that you can drive so long as your exercise was longer than your actual journey.

"It's confusing, I think people are confused and are jumping the gun," she said.