Jonathan Agnew: Sports sadly boils down to money all the time and it drives me mad

2 May 2021, 19:40

By Sam Sholli

Sport sadly boils down to money all the time, cricket broadcaster Jonathan Agnew has told LBC.

Mr Agnew gave his opinion on the subject while talking to LBC's Ruth Davidson about the governance of cricket.

Ruth said: "I think if you look at the governance of cricket as well, it does seem that cricket governance everywhere is constantly trying to question itself.

"And there's always that sort of disconnect between saying they want to grow the game and then making decisions which benefit the countries that are already rich in cricket heritage and rich generally...It does seem as if there is a bit of an identity crisis at the moment."

Mr Agnew responded: "Well, I think you could probably put it down to money...It's just what sport sadly boils down to all the time and it drives me mad."

He later in the exchange also claimed the International Cricket Council, the world governing body of cricket, is an "utterly toothless" organisation.

Mr Agnew's comment about the role of money in sport comes after there was widespread controversy surrounding the idea of a European Super League in football.

Critics suggested the clubs involved in forming the league, before it was disbanded, did so in a bid to close competition as part of a power grab to make more money.