'Brexit Is Now A Process - Not A Binary Decision'

6 November 2016, 17:27 | Updated: 6 November 2016, 19:05

'Brexit is a process - not a binary decision any more.' Stig Abell explains why Brexiteers shouldn't get so worked up about parliament having a role in leaving the EU.

Talking on his LBC show Stig said that both sides of the divide need to calm down about the high court ruling that means that parliament should have a say on Brexit negotiations.

“Brexit is a process, not a binary decision any more. And that process contains some very clear paradoxes, which will take some working out, like any desired end freedom of movement will impact on our ability to sustain a growing economy.”

“We have to have close connections to Europe, but we don't want freedom of movement of labour or people. So there's going to have to be some give and take some scrutiny. Some experts.”

“What it can't be really is Theresa May and Liam Fox making it up as they go along chucking a nice bung to Nissan and some other cozy deal to the city.”

“It's going to need a clearly articulated, well examined set of interlocking areas of give and take, how much you are willing to concede in order to get that privileged access to the single market we recognise is good for our economy?”

“So this week is just simply a necessary step to achieving Brexit. Why do we get angry about that? As the bloke who goes into this mess said we should all calm down dears and that means both sides the Brexiteers who think the judges should be disrobed in that revolution is nigh and there remain is who are upset that such criticism exists, you're both freaking out about nothing aren't you."