This Dying Mother's Heart-Wrenching Call To Stig Will Leave You In Tears

5 March 2017, 18:36

This is the moment a dying mother phones Stig Abell in tears from her utility room, telling him how she's coping with leaving her daughters behind.

In this heart-wrenching clip, a mother-of-two who has two years to live explains how she's coping with the thought of leaving her daughters behind.

The emotional caller, Lauren, rang the LBC Presenter on his Sunday afternoon show during a conversation about a viral New York Times article

In the article a dying woman writes a 'dating profile' for her husband - and Stig Abell asked to hear how others prepare their loved ones for the loss. 

Lauren emotionally told Stig the way in which she has prepared for her death - and how she deals with it now. 

The call itself prompted numerous responses from listeners moved by the call. 

One, Emily Pankhurst, said: "Thanks Stig for the moving issue of bereavement. It brought me to tears hearing Lauren."

Another said: "Just got home after a drive where I listened to Lauren call in LBC and Stig Abell. Was weeping on the M25. Won't forget her."