Tom Watson Responds To Labour Member Who'll Never Vote For Them Again

20 February 2019, 15:28

When this former Labour member said he had quit over Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, Tom Watson pleaded with him to stay and fight for the party.

Caller John said he had been a Labour member for 40 years, but gave up his card when Mr Corbyn took charge.

He said: "I originally joined Labour because they were a broad church. They fought racism, which they don't seem to be doing now."

John then asked Tom why he is still sticking with Mr Corbyn and Tom's response was very passionate.

He said: "I'm sticking with him because as a Labour Party member for over 35 years, we are a broad movement with over half a million members who democratically elected him twice.

"I still think the vehicle for social change in this country that has delivered progress for working people without a voice is the Labour Party. We've been doing it for over a century.

"Come back into the party and fight with me.

Tom Watson listens to caller John
Tom Watson listens to caller John. Picture: LBC

"We'll fight those anti-Semites, we'll deal with those bullies.

"We'll bring half a million Labour members together and we'll go out on the doorsteps and try to make this party electable.

"I need you with me. I don't need people walking away."

John's brusque response: "It's not happening."

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