Facebook and Instagram launching advert-free paid subscription in EU

30 October 2023, 16:04

Social media
Social media app icons displayed on Apple iPhone. Picture: PA

Meta said it is rolling out the subscription option for people in the EU, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland from November.

Facebook and Instagram are letting users in the EU pay to stop seeing adverts on the social media platforms, owner Meta has announced.

The technology giant said it is rolling out the subscription option for people in the EU, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland from November.

The launch will not be offered to people in the UK, which left the EU after the Brexit referendum.

Users will be given the choice to continue using the platforms for free with personalised adverts, or pay to stop seeing them.

The subscription will cost 9.99 euros (£8.73) per month on the web or 12.99 euros (£11.35) per month on iOS and Android, Meta said.

“We believe in an ad-supported internet, which gives people access to personalised products and services regardless of their economic status,” the company said.

“It also allows small businesses to reach potential customers, grow their business and create new markets, driving growth in the European economy.

“But we respect the spirit and purpose of these evolving European regulations, and are committed to complying with them.”

Regulators have been honing in on platforms collecting people’s individual data for advertising purposes without explicit consent.

An EU court ruling earlier this year found that Meta’s practices were not complying with privacy laws.

Meta said the new subscription model is a valid form of consent for an ads-funded service, as people will have to choose to continue seeing personalised ads.

“The subscription for no ads will be available for people aged 18 and up, and we’re continuing to explore how to provide teens with a useful and responsible ad experience given this evolving regulatory landscape,” Meta said.

By Press Association

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