'Entitled car extremists' behind demands to scrap LTNs, campaigner claims

19 September 2021, 10:07

By Seán Hickey

This cycling advocate claims that LTNs and cycling infrastructure are a benefit to the health and wellbeing of Brits.

Donnachadh McCarthy of Stop Killing Cyclists spoke to Andrew Pierce following Ealing Council's decision to abolish 7 of their 9 low-traffic neighbourhoods after public outcry.

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"The cycle lanes that have been put in over various parts of the country have caused huge traffic congestion" Andrew put to the campaigner.

Mr McCarthy asked Andrew if he cared "about kids' lives and safety" to which Andrew hit back: "Will you answer the question? I didn't think so."

Andrew reiterated that LTNs have been shown to cause "more traffic congestion and therefore more pollution".

"No, what causes more congestion is drivers," Mr McCarthy insisted.

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He pointed out that "the first two major cycling lanes in London, 3 and a half million people are using them every year," and that "pollution and congestion in the area around those two cycle lanes has gone down."

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"It's a positive for congestion, a positive for human beings and positive for kids," he insisted.

Mr McCarthy implored Andrew to consider "why would an elected council go against that?

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"The only reason they would is because the entitled car extremists demand it," the campaigner concluded.