Meghan 'has been destroyed' by media attacks, treatment of Diana 'repeated itself'

20 February 2021, 12:03

By Seán Hickey

This emotional caller criticised the treatment of the Sussexes, drawing parallels with the palace's conduct with Princess Diana.

Alex from Watford joined Matt Frei to share his disgust at the media's treatment of Prince Harry and Meghan following the stripping of their royal duties.

"History repeated itself yesterday" the caller insisted.

"They took the title away from his mother and they did the same to Harry yesterday. The main suits at the palace have got this wrong – I wouldn't dare say anything about her majesty but, Harry did the right thing."

"His wife has been destroyed," the caller said, defending the former Duchess of Sussex and her decision to step away.

Alex backed up Prince Harry and urged him to keep his head held high.

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"Harry, you're the Jack of our hearts and don't worry, there'll be a better day."

The caller was audibly distressed by the treatment of the Sussexes. Matt wondered why he was so moved, and Alex insisted the current situation is a repeat of what happened to Diana.

He claimed "the way she was hunted by the media" is identical to the attacks on the Sussexes today.

"We're in 2021, I hope the Queen will back track on her decision and do the right thing like she did with Diana," the caller said.