Trump must be impeached for 'inciting domestic terrorism': Ex-Biden Chief of Staff

9 January 2021, 14:22

By Seán Hickey

Joe Biden's former Chief of Staff tells LBC that if Donald Trump doesn't resign for encouraging insurrection, he should be impeached by legislators.

Susan Platt told Matt Frei that she was afraid for her country following President Donald Trump's attempts to "encourage insurrection."

"You don't know what to say. We're Americans." Said Ms Platt. "I'm a patriotic proud American but right now I'm not proud at all about what this President has done to our country and what he has encouraged – these acts of insurrection"

The former adviser to Joe Biden insisted that the actions of the president were "domestic terrorism," adding that Donald Trump must be held accountable.

Matt wondered if Twitter made the right decision to ban Donald Trump as he used the platform to claim the US Election was rigged.

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"I'm so glad that Twitter banned Trump," Ms Platt insisted, arguing that his claims were wholly unsubstantiated.

"His own justices said there was no fraud," she pointed out, adding that his ban from social media means "he can now stop inciting violence and inciting domestic terrorism."

On whether the Commander-in-Chief should be impeached, Joe Biden's former Chief of Staff demanded proceedings begin. "We need to send a message that this behaviour is not acceptable," she told Matt.

"The congress needs to act, and they need to act as soon as they can."