Don't Turn Boris Johnson Into 'Theresa May In Drag', Says Andrew Pierce

23 June 2019, 15:35

Andrew Pierce said Boris Johnson should be allowed to "be himself" and not turned into "Theresa May in drag" by muting him.

Tory leadership rival Jeremy Hunt has said Boris Johnson needs to answer 'difficult questions' if he wants to be Prime Minister.

The former Foreign Secretary has so far refused to comment on an incident in which the police were called to his home following reports of a row with his partner.

But LBC presenter and consultant editor at the Daily Mail Andrew Pierce said Boris Johnson had been "muted" and his campaign had gone for a "submarine strategy" by not letting him do any interviews to keep him under the radar.

"They know he is gaffe-prone, but Boris gaffe-prone is more interesting than Boris who's almost mute," Andrew said.

"If Boris can't be Boris there's no point to him!"

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Iain Dale and Boris Johnson at the first Conservative Party leadership hustings
Iain Dale and Boris Johnson at the first Conservative Party leadership hustings. Picture: Getty

"If they try to turn Boris into a 'Theresa May in drag' it is not going to work, because Boris is flamboyant, he's fun, he tells jokes, he makes gaffes, but he moves on and they've got to let him be himself."

Mr Johnson's popularity ratings appear to have taken a tumble after it emerged police were called to the home he shares with is partner, as pressure mounts for him to give details of the incident.

Foreign Secretary and leadership rival Jeremy Hunt took a swipe at his competitor saying somebody who wanted to be Prime Minister "should answer questions on everything".

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